• About Us

    We at Hightech Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd. are guided by a vision - "To be a single point access provider, bringing into the home and work place a converged world of information and services. Hightech Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best fiber cable broadband service providers...


    “Hightech Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd. mission is to provide an incomparable world class Broadband experience to every customer.”


    Since we start Hightech Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd. (Former Messenger Broadband) in 2015 keeping best relationship with customers and company is incorporated under the Company Act 2013 as a Private Limited Company in 2017, and that the company is limited by Shares and Mr. SIRAJUDEEN P.S. is the Managing Director...


    Our Plan is to provide unlimited quality broadband services to all people at reasonable rate through with us. Since Optic cable Fiber is using as the backbone the speed of the Broadband is very good and can provide whatever speed the customer wants. We can also provide...

Unlimited - Plans

Monthly Plans

Plan Name Port Speed* Monthly Rental **(INR) Data Usage After FUP
HB-UL-10 Mbps Unlimited 10Mbps 590.00 UnlimitedGB 0Mbps
HB-UL-20 Mbps Unlimited 20Mbps 944.00 UnlimitedGB 0Mbps
HB-UL-30 Mbps Unlimited 30Mbps 1180.00 UnlimitedGB 0Mbps
HB-UL-40 Mbps Unlimited 40Mbps 1475.00 UnlimitedGB 0Mbps
HB-UL-50 Mbps Unlimited 50Mbps 1770.00 UnlimitedGB 0Mbps
HB-UL-75 Mbps Unlimited 75Mbps 2360.00 UnlimitedGB 0Mbps
HB-UL-100 Mbps Unlimited 100Mbps 2950.00 UnlimitedGB 0Mbps

Yearly-Home Plans

Plan Name Port Speed* Yearly Rental **(INR) Data Usage After FUP
HB-YR-20Mbps Unlimited 20Mbps 5900.00 UnlimitedGB 0Mbps
HB-YR-40Mbps Unlimited 40Mbps 9440.00 UnlimitedGB 0Mbps
HB-YR-60Mbps Unlimited 60Mbps 11800.00 UnlimitedGB 0Mbps
HB-YR-75Mbps Unlimited 75Mbps 17700.00 Unlimited GB 0Mbps
HB-YR-125Mbps Unlimited 125Mbps 23600.00 Unlimited GB 0Mbps

Business- Plans

Plan Name Port Speed* Monthly Rental **(INR) Data Usage After FUP
HB-SME 10 Mbps 10Mbps 2360.00 UnlimitedGB 0Mbps
HB-SME 20 Mbps 20Mbps 3540.00 Unlimited GB 0Mbps
HB-SME 40 Mbps 40Mbps 4720.00 Unlimited GB 0Mbps
HB-SME 50 Mbps 50Mbps 5900.00 UnlimitedGB 0Mbps
HB-SME 75 Mbps 75Mbps 8850.00 UnlimitedGB 0Mbps
HB-SME 100 Mbps 100Mbps 11800.00 Unlimited GB 0Mbps